Content management system (CMS)

We are developing  CMS websites based on the WordPress CMS system for content management, which you can easily make quick changes or delete existing ones, as well as add new content to your website.

WordPress Web Development Services

This type of system can be adapted to all the client’s needs and wishes. You access the system itself through your web browser. The administration interface is transparent and easy to use, and it is protected by username and password. Administration can be performed by several administrators with different powers. Using a CMS eliminates the need to pay for updating website content, because with a CMS you can do it entirely on your own.

The WordPress CMS system contains a very simple and intuitive interface that enables easy modification of all content on your pages. All texts can be added and changed using a text editor in the way you are used to doing in Microsoft Word and similar text editors.

The same applies to adding media files such as images and .PDF catalogs that are easily inserted into the web page via the media file manager.

How popular this system is is shown by the fact that currently around 65% of CMS websites are based on WordPress. And popular global brands have recognized the possibilities of this system. CNN, Forebes, Sony, Reuters, Ebay, GM are just some of the world’s famous companies that use the WordPress platform on their corporate sites.

WordPress CMS features

  • Guest / user comments
  • Large number of plugins
  • No costs for conent update
  • Different administrator rights