Photos have always been an integral part of most websites. Regardless of your website’s purpose, having high-quality images is essential, as the visual experience leaves a lasting impression on every visitor.

On the internet, numerous services offer stock photographs that you can purchase licenses for, the most well-known being Shutterstock, which boasts millions of images in its database.

However, these images come at a cost, and if your web project requires a large number of them, licensing fees can often exceed the cost of website development.

Below, you can find several web services that offer high-quality, free photographs for use when creating a website, all of which are licensed under Creative Commons.

This means that you can use, edit, and distribute these images, even for commercial purposes. Some may require you to attribute the author, while others can be used without any attribution, as long as they have the “No Rights Required” notice.



Pexels has a vast collection of high-quality free stock photographs. Unfortunately, there aren’t many free images from our region, but you can find numerous pictures of offices, office equipment, architecture, nature, and much more.



Pixabay is an online platform that offers a large collection of free images, illustrations, vectors, and videos for use in various projects. You can find over 1.8 million free photographs and videos that are searchable by categories like business, nature, people, technology, food, travel, and more. The images are available in high resolution and can be used in various projects, including personal blogs, websites, publications, advertising, and more. navođenjem autora ili plaćanjem naknade.

Freeimages is another service for this purpose, where you can find 300,000 free photographs. Each image comes with tags, as well as similar free images, making it easier to search.

The service is user-friendly and allows users to search for images by category, keywords, image size, and other search criteria. The photographs are available in different sizes and resolutions, and users can view and download images without the need for registration or payment.



Picjumbo is a collection of free photographs for personal or commercial use. New images are added almost every day and are divided into categories, with the most popular being fashion, abstract images, nature, and technology.

One of the advantages of Picjumbo is that all the images on the platform are taken by professional photographers, ensuring high quality and attractiveness for various projects. Picjumbo also offers additional features such as keyword and category searches and new images.



Unsplash is an online platform offering high-quality free images for use in various projects. Founded in 2013 by a team of Canadian photographers and designers, Unsplash has become one of the most popular platforms for free images on the internet, with over a million photographs shared on the platform.

The images are organized into categories like nature, food, technology, business, people, and more. They are available in high resolution and can be downloaded in various sizes. Unsplash is user-friendly and offers features like keyword and category searches, as well as weekly additions of new images. Users can view and download images without registration or payment.

All these images can be used in any project without the need to attribute the author or pay a fee. This makes Unsplash an excellent choice for various projects, including websites, blogs, publications, and other creative endeavors.


FreePik is a service where, in addition to photographs, you can find a large number of free vectors, PSD files for Photoshop, and various icons. The platform adds 80,000 free elements every month, and resources are categorized for easy navigation. Besides the free plan, FreePik also offers a Premium plan, which costs €9.99 per month or €89.99 annually, giving you access to almost 7 million additional elements.

As you can see, there are numerous high-quality resources with free images that can assist you in creating your website, publishing content on your blog, or on social media. The information provided above is just a small portion of what’s available.

All of these websites offer high-quality photographs and graphic elements for free use in various projects, from personal blogs to commercial endeavours. It’s important to note that some of these websites may require attribution, while others are entirely free to use without any conditions.