Instagram has recently become one of the most used social networks. Since last year, the option to create business profiles has been introduced so that companies can better connect with their clients. This mobile application has thus become a powerful tool for promoting businesses because followers can find important information such as a website address, email, and other contact details on the profile page.

Unlike private profiles on Instagram, business profiles have the ability to display analytical data for each post. Below each post, there is an option to display the number of likes, comments, how many times it has appeared in followers’ feeds, and its overall reach.

Another important difference is that Business profiles have the option of promoting posts for them to be shown to a larger audience. Instagram business profiles are a specific type of profile on Instagram designed for business use. They provide additional tools and functionalities to help businesses promote their brand, increase their presence on social media, and improve communication with customers.

When you create an Instagram business profile, you can access tools such as Instagram Insights, which provide statistics about your profile, such as the number of profile views, website clicks, followers, and other useful information. You can also use Instagram Shopping, a feature that allows customers to shop for products directly from your profile.

But the question remains, how to make an Instagram profile successful?

Visual Content

We know that visual content is very successful on social media. In addition to images of products or services, people like to see other content such as photos from events, pictures of satisfied customers and employees, or photos of the business premises.

In addition to images, Instagram also allows sharing short videos, so we recommend using that option as well. The same goes for Instagram Stories – short videos or image clips that can be enriched with text and stickers and have a lifespan of 24 hours from their posting.

Your profile should look professional and attractive to attract new followers. This includes using high-quality photos and videos, filters, and themes that match your brand.


We have already mentioned that hashtags (#) are the basic way to tag photos. It is important to tag a photo with relevant hashtags, so if, for example, the photo is of a beach, you would use hashtags like #beach, #sun, #sea, #nature, and so on. Hashtags are important because they help others find your content.

Use hashtags that are relevant to your content and target audience. You can find data online about the most popular hashtags, so feel free to include some of them in the photo description.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are short videos or photos that disappear after 24 hours. To create quality Instagram Stories, be creative and use filters, GIFs, and stickers to add your personal touch to your stories. If you have already developed branding on your Instagram profile, try to apply it to your stories as well. This will help you maintain brand recognition in the Stories section. Use Stories to share useful information or educate your audience about your product or service.

Use interactive features such as polls, questions, and quizzes to encourage interaction with your audience. Think about the topics you want to cover and plan your stories in advance to ensure consistency in your content.

branding na Instagram profilu

Follow Other Profiles and Interact with Followers

When you are new to Instagram, the easiest way to gain followers is to follow other profiles. However, do not overdo it; instead, find people who might be interested in your content. Make sure to take advantage of the opportunity to interact through comments when someone comments on your post. Before you start posting content on your Instagram profile, it is important to understand who you are addressing. Consider the age, gender, interests, and needs of your target audience.

To maintain the engagement of your followers, encourage them to get involved in your content. You can do this by asking questions in the descriptions of your posts, organizing contests, or sharing user-generated content.

Regularly Post New Content

One of the most important ways to make an Instagram profile successful is to regularly post new content. It is necessary to test which days and times of posting achieve the best results. Since Instagram is exclusively a mobile platform, its users are online practically all the time, so it is important to determine the exact time for posting content.

Promote Your Instagram Profile on Your Website and Other Social Media

On your website, place a link to your Instagram profile so that visitors to your site can follow you on this social network. If you already have an audience on other social networks, take advantage of it and connect your profiles because there is a good chance that the audience following you on, for example, Facebook or Twitter will also follow you on Instagram.

A successful profile cannot be achieved overnight, so be persistent, test, monitor analytics, and use the option of paid promotion of posts.

Be Authentic

It is important to be authentic on your Instagram profile. Do not try to be someone else or imitate other brands. Instead, focus on your unique value and story to attract followers who can relate to you.”