For the client INTERNET DUĆAN d.o.o., we worked on developing their new web shop, Through this project, we had the chance to apply our knowledge and experience in creating functional eCommerce solutions. is a web shop specializing in selling white goods and various household appliances. The client had a clear vision: they wanted to create an online store that offers users easy product search and secure, fast payment methods.

We chose WordPress as the base for the web shop because of its robustness and expandability. WooCommerce was our logical choice for implementing the online store functionalities.

To ensure secure card payments, we integrated the Corvus Pay payment gateway. Corvus Pay offers a high level of security and reliability, which was crucial for our client. The payment process is quick and straightforward, and users can be confident that their data is protected.

Technologies: WordPress CMS, responsive web design, WooCommerce, PHP, HTML