Project Description

“Mali Macchiato” is a comprehensive lifestyle portal that covers a wide range of topics such as fashion, trends, art, entertainment, travel, health, and beauty. The portal is designed as a place where visitors can find inspiration, information, and advice on various aspects of daily life.

One of the main focuses of the portal is articles about fashion and trends. Here you can find tips on dressing, outfit combinations, choosing the right fashion accessories, and staying up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. Given the diversity of topics, the portal aims to be relevant to a wide audience of all age groups and tastes.

In addition to fashion, the portal also covers art and entertainment. You can find articles about current cultural events, art exhibitions, concerts, and other events related to art and entertainment. Additionally, the portal provides information about travel, recommends destinations, offers travel tips, and shares travel experiences.

Health and beauty are also important components of the portal. Visitors can read articles about skincare and hair care, makeup trends, tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness, and various fitness routines. The goal is to educate readers about the importance of taking care of their health and appearance.

“Mali Macchiato” is based on the WordPress platform, which allows easy content management and enables quick publication of new articles and information. The portal uses Google AdSense for monetization, meaning it displays ads relevant to the content and target audience. This monetization model allows portal owners to generate revenue based on the number of visitors and clicks on ads.

Technologies: WordPress CMS, responsive web design, PHP, HTML