The company “Sustavi Tehničke Zaštite d.o.o.” is dedicated to the sale of products for technical security systems. Their range includes products for fire detection, burglary protection, access control, gas detection, smoke evacuation, wireless communication devices, and various other security systems. To support this company, we have developed a B2B eCommerce solution based on the WooCommerce platform.

This solution enables the company to manage their web shop easily and efficiently. Through a customized system, the company can offer its products to clients, enable online orders, manage inventory, and provide better customer support. By integrating advanced functionalities of the WooCommerce platform, such as order tracking, payment system, and user account management, we have created an environment that facilitates B2B transactions.

The project is the result of collaboration between our team and “Sustavi Tehničke Zaštite d.o.o.” The goal was to design a digital solution that not only streamlines their business operations but also enhances customer experience by providing them with a practical way to order and manage products for technical security.

Technologies: WordPress CMS, responsive web design, WooCommerce, PHP, HTML