In last year, 8% more guests visited Croatia than the year before, and considering the current crisis in the world, most guests choose private accommodation. According to some forecasts, the number of overnight stays is expected to increase this year as well.

Given that the season in Croatia is short, only two months, there is too little time for advertising and it is necessary to start advertising now. The most profitable way of advertising is via the Internet, because this is exactly the way foreign tourists are increasingly booking accommodation.

There are many platforms where accommodation can be advertised, some of the most popular being: Airbnb, Booking.comFlipKey and Wimdu.

Benefits of having an apartment website

In addition to advertising on various platforms for this purpose, recently more and more apartment owners have decided to create their own website, through which they can introduce their offer to potential clients in detail and in more languages. In addition, the apartment leaves a better impression if, in addition to the ad on the agency’s website, it also has its own page. Creating your own website requires a little more effort and knowledge than advertising on existing platforms, but it can be profitable in the long run and provide more control and flexibility in advertising your accommodation.

The advantages of having your own website include:

  • Control – by creating your own website, you have complete control over the appearance and content of your site, and you can adjust the design and functionality according to your needs.
  • Professionalism – your own website can provide a professional impression of your accommodation and can help you create a recognizable brand.
  • More bookings – With your own website, you have the ability to attract guests directly through your website, which can increase the number of bookings and reduce the commission you pay to short-term rental platforms.
  • Website SEO optimization can help your website rank at the top of Google search results, which can increase the visibility of your accommodation and attract more guests.

What should a website for private accommodation contain?

When creating this type of page, it is necessary to choose the right photos of the tourist place and accommodation unit in order to attract potential clients. We definitely recommend that you use the services of a professional photographer to photograph the interior and exterior of your facility.

Additional tourist and entertainment facilities in your place and the distance from them are also important to guests, such as tourist attractions, beaches, coffee bars, restaurants, pharmacies, shops, bus stops, airports and ferry ports, etc. – that is, everything that completes the tourist offer, so we advise you to place this information on your site.

Of course, such a website should also contain all the information related to the accommodation unit itself, such as: number of beds, square footage, the possibility of using the bathroom or kitchen, the equipment of the apartment with household appliances, as well as about additional services provided by the host himself. On the page itself, it would be desirable to put a price list of accommodation services, as well as a map to your location so that guests can find you more easily.

When advertising your villa or apartment on the internet, it is important to ensure that you have detailed and accurate information about your accommodation, including photos, prices, availability and house rules. It’s also important to be open and honest about your accommodation so guests know what to expect. A good guest review can be key to attracting new guests, so it’s important to provide excellent service and take care of guests so that they are satisfied with their stay.