Web design & development

Web design & development

Website development services for anyone who wants their company or service to be available 24/7 to their customers. Our team can fulfil all your requests in a timely manner, from the idea to the smallest detail. Increase your online presence!

Website development and web design services

By constantly monitoring new trends in the development and technologies of creating websites, we can always recommend the best solutions. We are specialized in internet marketing services including web design solutions, programming, responsive web design, visual identity, and SEO.

We implement your requests while respecting the agreed deadlines. Our company have many years of experience in developing and designing websites and digital marketing. Insieme can help you in every step of the way to realize your vision.

Why choose us?

There are many digital marketing agencies today. But how to choose the right one? If you choose us, you have chosen a partner who will not only take the time to listen to your business goals but it will also help you achieve the desired results.

This will give your company the highest return on marketing investment. We make every effort to understand each client’s business and network marketing goals, so we can offer fresh ideas for each partner. Our work is focused on loading speed, position in SERPs and code that complies with web standards, to provide a superior user experience.

Unique web solutions for every client

Our team relies on all the knowledge that has been collected since 2005. We introduce new ideas and propose innovations that ensure our client’s websites stand out from the rest.

We are using open-source content management platforms to reduce your costs with greater flexibility. At the same time, we design websites with various features, appearances, and functionality so that they fully meet your needs.

Razvoj internet stranice na računalu tabletu i mobitelu

Insieme has worked with clients from various industries – tourism, sports, education, healthcare, and various types of professional services. With this, we have gained rich experience and understanding of various sectors. At the same time, we develop new solutions unique to each client.
Our goal is to present your company or activity as a leader in your industry and to present your brand in the best light.

Why every business needs a website?

  • to increase brand or service awareness
  • to brining of new customers
  • to maintain contact with existing customers
  • to increase sales of your products or services
  • to improve the user experience

Great  design and site architecture is the key to success

In today’s digital world, it is necessary to stay connected with your customers in order to grow your business. Many of them are using the internet to discover new brands and services. With that, it is very important to have a well-designed and well-structured website. It is crucial for capturing the attention of potential customers.

A website brings together every aspect of doing business online. Through it, you can more effectively manage, distribute and share various digital contents. It also serves to improve the image of the business entity and better relations with clients. It is the first place you need to work, whether you are just starting your business, changing your business identity or starting to sell a new product or service.

With your website, you can present any of your products or services through images, text and videos. Even when you are not at your workplace, your website works for you by informing visitors about your offer and serves as a sales staff that works non-stop every day. A website is an accessible tool that every business needs and serves as the basis of any further advertising.

You could say that it is a digital brochure that can be updated in real time. If you already have an established customer base, your website allows you to connect with new customers who may not be aware of your presence, because people will first search for what they are interested in online.

The most important tool of all marketing activities of the company

Nowadays, most people search for all information about a product, service, or company on Google. Therefore, the own website is the most important tool of all marketing activities of the company. It serves as a virtual catalogue for billions of users worldwide.

Today, over 90% of purchase decisions are made via internet search. If you don’t have a website nowadays, you are losing a significant part of internet users who will not take you into account when making decisions to buy a product or service.

From a marketing perspective, your website integrates into every aspect of your digital marketing strategy. It is the backbone of your online presence and any content, form of communication or ad you place should drive customers to your site. It is important that she gives potential customers all the information about your brand and the types of products or services you offer.

By creating a website, you get a kind of based on which you can inform your target audience about all segments of your business through well-designed content.

Web development process

Before starting the web development, we will consult with each interested party. We collect all the necessary information, pictures, catalogues and price lists about products and services from you. Together with you, we will design the visual identity of the website.

If you don’t already have an idea of how your website should look, we offer you design solutions. We will design and create a recognizable web design for you. Our clients are involved in the creation process itself and  they can inspect the offered solution at every stage of the project. Design and content changes are made in agreement with the client.

Izrada internet stranica info grafika

Gathering information, choosing the main goals and target audience

This phase begins with research for whom the web project is intended, what the goals are and what the target audience is. In consultation with the client, we will choose the best strategy for further development, and we will define the price of the project and the deadline for creating the website.

The design of the website is agreed upon, depending on its type and target audience. At this stage, an SEO strategy is planned for the best possible positioning in the search results. It is researched by the target audience and what their interests are. Answering these questions will help you choose the best website design style.

Before starting the creation, it is necessary to agree on the layout of all sub-pages and categories (sitemap). A plan is drawn up, which topics should be covered and how the content will be presented to users and a “framework” that represents the visual representation of the user interface.

With the website structure, we define the relationship between all internal pages and/or categories on your website, which should enable visitors to get to the desired information as easily as possible.

Research is being done on the target audience – what are their interests, age, gender. It is determined what is the key information that might be of interest to visitors so that it can be highlighted. Using all this information it’s time to process it and make a detailed website plan.

Web design and adding content to website

In this phase, the website will take its shape – web design will be made, the colour palette will be chosen. The logo will be placed, the menu will be created, all visual content (images, texts, videos and catalogs) will be entered. SEO optimization of the set elements will be carried out.

During this phase, clients can see the build process and request changes if needed. If it is a redesign of the existing website, the entire creation process will be done on the test server. First, a template of an internal page is designed, which will then be used on other sub-pages. Communication with the client is extremely important in this step in order to make all the necessary corrections.


After the development phase of the project is finished, testing begins. Before the site is available to visitors, all materials will be reviewed once again, tests will be performed from all relevant web browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, MS Edge, Opera, Safari).

Responsive design will be tested on various devices and any errors will be eliminated. When the web site passes the test, it is delivered to the client for final inspection.

Launching a website

This is the moment when the website, after your approval, becomes available to visitors worldwide. Internet browsers will be notified of its existence and links will be placed from profiles on social networks. In this step, the Google Analytics tool will also be set up for detailed monitoring of visits.

Responsive web design

Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach when designing web pages, so that they can be displayed on all devices – desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

A website made in RWD technology adapts the arrangement of elements to adapt the  display the screen size of a particular device. For example, on desktop computers, the content can be placed in several columns next to each other. On mobile devices, this same content will be displayed in columns one below the other.

responzivni web dizajn

Advantages of responsive design

The development of the website should correspond to the user’s environment in terms of the size and orientation of the screen and the platform used for access. RWD is focused on providing a pleasant and intuitive experience for every visitor on all platforms. It is already standard practice to create a consistent and customized user experience across all devices – including those yet to be manufactured. A better user experience means higher conversions and thus business growth.
Nowadays, when over 65% of visits come from mobile devices.

The number of Internet users via tablets and smartphones continues to increase, so it is very important to have a page that will be viewable on all devices. Websites that use this approach usually have a better result in search engines, compared to traditional websites.


Do you offer a website redesign service?

Certainly, whether it’s a simple website refresh or a complete redesign. We customize your websites, update content, refresh design and navigation to improve performance.
In this way, we will ensure the success of the new project and return on investment.

Can I see my website while it’s under development?

Yes. The website is run on our or your server and you will receive access data (username and password). In this way, you can follow the development stages of the website and suggest any changes. If it is a custom design, you will receive a design proposal in PDF.

Can you help me find photos for my website?

Yes, we can help you choose photos either from free stock photo services or from commercial ones.

Will my website be mobile friendly?

Yes! All our projects are based on responsive web design to provide an optimal browsing experience.

Can you create my business e-mail address?

In your hosting package, you get the ability to create an unlimited number of e-mail addresses. We can open the desired e-mail addresses for you and adjust the space quota in the mailbox. All mailboxes are included in the quota of the total space of your hosting package.

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