Web design and development prices

Prices of web design and development, social media marketing, web shop development

Simple web pages

The ideal solution for small businesses that don’t need to periodically update their website’s content.

  • Editing supplied materials
  • Photo Gallery
  • Unique design
  • Google Analytics
  • SEO optimization

PRICE: from 3000 kn (398.17 €)

CMS Web pages

CMS Web system for those who want to regularly or periodically update their web content.

  • Easily editable content
  • Easy to use
  • Customizable themes
  • Comments
  • Multiple authors
  • Focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability
  • No Monthly Maintenance Fees

PRICE : from 4000 kn (530.89 €)

Web shop development

  • Fast and easy navigation
  • Easy administration for input of new and modifying of existing products
  • Attractive and flexible design
  • Various modules
  • Web search engine optimization – SEO

PRICE: from 4800 kn (637,07 €)

Social media marketing

Creating and maintaining profiles on social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google + and You Tube)

PRICE: from 1000 kn (132,72 €) per month

E-mail marketing

  • Design email campaigns
  • Email marketing integration and automation

PRICE: from 500 kn (66,36 €)

Additional languages

  • websites from 1000 kn (€132.72) per additional language
  • web shops +50% of the basic price