Web shop development

When it comes to modern business, web shops have become an essential tool for success. eCommerce platforms helps companies reach a worldwide audience and achieve increased sales growth.

Web shop solutions

Buying products via the web shop (web shop) has become the fastest way to buy certain products. Through such systems, you can sell not only physical products, but any services or digital goods. Web shops are profitable for both start-ups and already developed companies, because compared to retail stores, it enables much cheaper business.

It increases the visibility of your products to a larger number of consumers because they do not have to be physically present during the purchase. By doing so, it increases the total business income. Many companies already have organized sales on the Internet in order to be able to sell their products to a wide range of customers. Online shopping is the preferred way of shopping by customers around the world because of its simplicity and convenience.

Online stores are much cheaper than traditional ones because they do not have the costs of rent of sales space, salaries of staff and various utility expenses. Web shops allow you to sell your products in any part of the world without additional costs. Flexibility is another advantage, as it only takes a few seconds to change the price of a product. You can update the contents of your online store as you wish and whenever you wish.

Also, you are not physically limited by warehouse space, so you can have a larger number of products in your offer, so that even out of season products can always be available to customers.

What do our clients get?

  • The latest e-commerce solutions
  • Responsive design for all platforms – desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • SEO of the web shop

We offer our clients complete solutions fully adapted to business needs. If you already have developed sales channels and want to expand them via the Internet, or if you are just planning to start selling – we are at your service to enable you to distribute your products via the Web store. Success depends not only on assortment and prices, but also on attractiveness and usability.

We offer innovative solutions that give you the opportunity to offer your products to your target audience at any time, wherever they are. Technological development enables the owners of such stores to keep up with the competition or even become a market leader in certain industries.

Web shop features

Simple adding of new products and making changes to existing products via the CMS system – add or change product information in just a few moments.

Ability to add variations (eg color or size) with option to set price, photo and stock for each variation of a product.

Import and export products – edit product information such as name, short description, regular and sale price and via .CSV file.

Product delivery – Give customers the option of personal pickup or local delivery depending on the customer’s location.

Shipping price – determine the shipping price depending on the price of the product in the basket, the size or the weight of the product.

User accounts – allow customers to create their own user account in your web shop and to track orders more easily. For customers who don’t want it, they have the option of buying as a guest.

Advanced inventory management – track inventory status for each individual product and receive notifications about low-stock items.

Email notification management – notify your customers when they place an order and when their products start shipping.

Web shop statistics – track advanced statistics on sold and ordered items.

Payment Gateway Integration – Allow your customers to pay for their order via credit and debit cards.

  • Web shop solutions based on the WooCommerce platform
  • SEO

  • Attractive and adaptable design

  • Responsive design
  • Advanced product search
  • Unlimited number of products and categories
  • Short description and detailed product specifications

  • Support for different tax rates
  • Support for different currencies
  • Product reviews

  • The possibility of determining a rebate

  • Support for multiple languages

  • Exchange rates in real time
  • Special offers

  • Best selling items
  • Related articles
  • Wish list
  • Coupons
  • Gift cards
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